Friday, 15 February 2013

A book for every hotel bedside
Ebook available from Amazon's Kindle Store and on all e-readers 


 20 chapters of history, anecdote, gossip and speculation
• Set in some of the world’s 200 or so hotels called Bristol
• Named after the outrageous 4th Earl Bristol.

Read about...
Lady Thatcher's finest hour — at the Warsaw Bristol
Lord Bristol — and scandalous Emma Hamiton 
Suha Arafat's luxury life — at Le Bristol in Paris
Leon Trotsky — and the Hotel Bristol that never was
Andy Warhol's would-be assassin — and the San Francisco Bristol
Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson’s high noon — in the Hotel Bristol, Vienna
Lady Victoria Hervey and Paris Hilton – they have more in common than you’d think!
PLUS: MaradonaLL Cool J, LJK Setright, Leland Stanford, Voltaire and more

Dip in and out... These are stories to enjoy by the hotel pool, on the balcony or in the lounge; when eating or drinking alone; or when you climb into bed just before you turn out the light.

Chosen as The Mail on Sunday's Travel Book of the Week
Featured on BBC Radio 4's Excess Baggage
On the front page of the Wall Street Journal

"The book can be read in bits or, better, from beginning to end as it builds to a pleasing pay-off in the last chapter...On another level, the book is a short history of tourism and it's worth the cover price for the glimpse it gives of life on the road before hotels, restaurants and Alpine tunnels made getting around Europe so easy." — Nicholas Inman

"A great little book in the style of Telegraph obituaries, but without the death of the main character...I found myself strangely gripped." — Peter Massey